A Nurse's Home Day Care

The Interview Process

If you are interested in more information regarding A Nurse's Home Day Care please feel free to call or text us at 515-619-1564.  We can begin the pre-interview process over the phone.  We will be requesting the following information: 

  • parents name
  • child's name
  • child's age
  • area of town parents live and work
  • hours needed for care
  • parents work hours

We require a minimum of three on site interviews for incoming families.  This is a time to get to know each other, your child to spend some time with us, and share information between the family and day care.  We will work with our clients to help them understand what services we offer and the policies of the business.  We will be happy to offer references after the first face to face interview. 

We work very hard to select the right families for admission into the day care.  With the exception of having slots available from kids going into kindergarten, we normally have only one opening available per year.  These are most often infant openings.  We try to spend time with each family to make sure it is a proper fit. 

The first interview:  We require both parents (unless the client is a single parent) and the children to attend the first interview.  We welcome Grandparents and other family members to attend.  We do all interviewing at 4:30 p.m..  The first interview is usually about 45 minutes.  This is a casual meeting where we share general information

The second interview: Is approximately an hour to an hour and a half.  This interview is scheduled within two weeks of the first interview.  This is the time we will go through the policies of the day care and ask in depth questions about your child.  We attempt to give parents a tentative daily schedule and work out the day to day care of the children.  The child must attend.   Parents are requested to view "Food Inc." before the second interview.  If you need assistance with obtaining a copy please ask.

The third interview:  The final interview is a chance to tie up any loose ends and answer any questions that the parent or provider might have missed.  Payment for the nonrefundable deposit first week of care is due by this time unless the parent is reserving a slot more than two weeks away.  In this case the payment would be after the second interview. Again, the child must attend.