A Nurse's Home Day Care


Our rates are calculated differently than most child care homes and Centers.  The rates are based upon the total number of hours per day and the departure time.  The published rates are based on a maximum of a nine hour day.  If you need more than nine hours per please add $5.00/hour to our base rates.

We  have a different rate structure for part time.  Part time is a minimum of three full working days per week.  We do not provide drop in care.  We do not offer half day rates.

Full Time Rates (2013-14) based upon a maximum of nine hours a day and time your child departs from day care: 

3:00 p.m. departure $135.00 per week

3:15 p.m. departure $140.00 per week

3:30 p.m. departure $145.00 per week

3:45 p.m. departure $150.00 per week

4:00 p.m. departure $155.00 per week

4:15 p.m. departure $160.00 per week

4:30 p.m. departure $165.00 per week

4:45 p.m. departure $170.00 per week

5:00 p.m. departure $175.00 per week

5:15 p.m. departure $180.00 per week

5:30 p.m. departure $185.00 per week

5:45 p.m. departure $190.00 per week

6:00 p.m. departure $195.00 per week

Part Time Rates

3:00 p.m. departure $32.00 per day

3:15 p.m. departure $33.00 per day

3:30 p.m. departure $34.00 per day

3:45 p.m. departure $35.00 per day

4:00 p.m. departure $36.00 per day

4:15 p.m. departure $37.00 per day

4:30 p.m. departure $38.00 per day

4:45 p.m. departure $39.00 per day

5:00 p.m. departure $40.00 per day

5:15 p.m. departure $41.00 per day

5:30 p.m. departure $42.00 per day

5:45 p.m. departure $43.00 per day

Additional hours beyond nine hours per day billed at $5.00 per hour. 

Overtime must be pre-arranged and approved. 

We do not raise rates on current attending children at any time unless the child's schedule changes to a higher number of hours per day or a later departure. 

Discounts:  We do not currently offer discounts for sibling groups. 

State Funded Clients:  We accept State Funded children based upon hours needed for care.  We do not offer ten hour days.  Please give us a call to discuss.