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Saying goodbye to Mr Jingles with love from his Nan

Posted by nanshouse on December 11, 2010 at 5:41 PM

Dear Jacob,


On September 10, 2007 you came to our home for your very first day of day care.  I remember that day because it was my birthday.  There you were this little tiny guy with the biggest blue eyes and that easy Southern smile you got from your most handsome Daddy.  Your eyes were so big and blue I could have SWORN you were E.T.'s first cousin twice removed


Your parents did something that you will most likely not understand until you are grown.  They searched for just the right place for you and fortunately for all of us they choose to have you come to Nans house..  They made the choice to forego some of the fancier things in life so you could have the ONE thing that would be the best for you when they couldn't care for you.  They gave up a lot to make sure YOU had the best.  They worked extra and they worked hard to make sure their son had what HE needed first. 


You were an amazingly easy baby.  You were calm and sweet and so easy to please.  I couldn't get enough of you but I had to share you with the "big" little girls who wanted you for themselves.  You were a bit spoiled by all of the attention but what else were we to do? 


I remember your babyhood as if it were yesterday.  You drank out of the gerber bottles with a fat nipple and a green ring.  Your favorite chew toy was a green frog.  You could get the WHOLE frog head in your mouth at one time.   That was a feat few before you could accomplish.


As you grew and became more mobile you quickly became the man about town.  You easily meshed into play with any of the other kids.  I could trust that you could keep everyone entertained and that you would be a fair and fun playmate to the younger kids all the way to the eldest in the group. 


When you first started talking my suspicions that you were at least "part" Extraterrestrial were confirmed.  We were treated to the new language from the Far Far Away Galaxy "Ah-bah-dah".  We love to nickname all of the kids here but your new language gave us ones that would stick.  Sabrina became "Ahbahreena".  Amelia became "Ahbahdealyah".  Isaac became Myzick.  Isiah became MyZayah.  Pebbles became Pebbowls.  Roland became Ro-manz.  Becca became Beeeka.  Our puppy Matilda became Dah-til-dahs :)


You are hands down (or should I say spoon up) the best eater I have ever cared for.  What a pleasure to feed someone who ALWAYS appreciates a good home cooked meal!  When there were leftovers YOU were the one I choose to "clean up" because I knew you wouldn't want any of the good grub go to waste..  You wouldn't miss out on seconds... or thirds when there was a little sompin sompin leftover from the meal. 


The other day when we had just gotten in from a long walk as I was taking off your coat, I was looking at your little arms and hands.... your little athletic self... and thinking "I helped GROW this boy".  I couldn't help but take just a bit of credit for how amazingly healthy you are.  Maybe a bit of that chicken and noodles you love so much helped grow that little belly and strong arms you sport.  I can only hope.


I wanted to tell you a story about your Mama that you may not ever hear if I don't share it. Last winter we had a few awful snow storms back to back.  The yard and driveway here filled up with snow to the point I couldn't keep up even WITH your Daddy helping me snowstorm after snowstorm.  One day it snowed AGAIN and nearly all of Des Moines was closed down.  That was a day that your Mommy HAD to go to work.  She knew she could get you here safely and she had a job to do.  She's a "can do" Mama.


In the middle of the blizzard your Mommy got you safely here and couldn't get into my driveway.  She parked her truck in the street.  The driveway was covered in thick ice so she had to  carry you across the front yard through three feet of snow step by step... ever so carefully... and got you into my house safe and sound.  I sat with you on our couch and watched her retrace her footsteps and walk back across the yard to get back into the truck so she could get to her work. 


I will never forget watching her do what she had to do to provide for you and to take care of her family.  She is what we adults call a PHENOMENAL woman.  Some day when you are quite grown up and you doubt that your Mama knows much of anything .... believe ME when I say she does. 


It breaks my heart to say good bye to you my little buddy.  I will miss you so much.  I can't even wrap my head around the idea that you will move on to a new adventure.  I can't imagine you not being here with me.  I'm so blessed to have met your parents and cared for you.


I'm not one for childhood experts and believing everything the "books" say but I hope they are right on one thing:  The first three years of life are  the most important in childhood.  I hope we gave you a rocking good start that will carry you through the rest of your life.  I know one thing for certain.  You will be with me for the rest of mine.


You and your parents are why I became a child care provider.  You are that one family every babysitter hopes to come across.  Excellent parents with a happy, healthy, and well mannered little one.  You being so darn cute didn't hurt either


The universe gave me a birthday gift that I had the pleasure to keep in my home for three years....  but  will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.


I love you my blue eyed son. 



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